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HELLWEG – ein LICHTWEG is a modular, constantly expanding art project in the Hellweg region. Initiated in 2002, the project brings together works of light art already existing, undergoing completion or are being planned in the public space to form an identity-creating whole.

Under the overall artistic direction of Matthias Wagner K, new works of light art by nationally and internationally renowned artists are projected and realised every year in partnership with cities and municipalities of the Hellweg region, the Centre for International Light Art Unna and invited guest curators. These artworks can only be experienced in their surroundings; they do, after all, form a coexistence with them: with the life habits of the people nearby, with the historical and present-day contexts, with the urban city and landscape zones – with what has shaped these places, makes them distinctive and special.

There is plenty to see, visit and experience along this trail of light art works. Selected tips and recommendations provide guidance through the Hellweg region and permit individual cultural excursions depending on personal wishes and interests.

We hope you enjoy hours of fun and fascination.

Lichtkunst-Kunstreisen Bergkamen


Westfälisches Sportbootzentrum Marina- Rünthe

The breakwater of the Marina’s attractive promenade by the Datteln-Hamm canal is a very popular place for a stroll. 310 yachts can be admired from the sun terraces of the restaurants and cafés here.

INFO: Hafenweg 30, Tel. +49 (0)2389/3163,

Beversee Nature Conservation Area

Adjacent to the port is the Beversee, one of North Rhine-Westphalia’s biggest nature conservation areas. The area is characterised an extraordinarily diverse array of birds and insects and is an inviting place for walks.

INFO: Werner Str. / Hafenweg, Tel. +49 (0)2307/965-229,

“Großes Holz” Spoil Tip – Route Industriekultur

Mining left behind many traces in Bergkamen. One such is the raised, greened and attractively shaped spoil tip “Großes Holz”, which has become a popular local leisure area. A fascinating view across the whole area can be enjoyed from the tip’s vantage point.

INFO: Erich Ollenhauer Str., Tel. +49 (0)2307/965-229,

Stadtmuseum Bergkamen

The founding of the museum was closely associated with the excavation of the so far biggest Roman military camp in Germania in Bergkamen-Oberaden. History comes alive through exhibited finds and the excavation site with archaeological education trail. Further exhibition focuses: industrial, settlement and urban history, 50s home décor, a complete village shop from 1920, along with the Barbara mine gallery, which provides fascinating insights into the mining that shaped the town for decades.

INFO: Jahnstr. 31, Tel. +49 (0)2306/3060210,

“sohle 1” municipal gallery at Stadtmuseum Bergkamen

This establishment, a mix of museum and commercial gallery, shows individual presentations of renowned, but also less well-known contemporary artists.

INFO: Jahnstr. 31, Tel. +49 (0)2306/3060210,

Eating and drinking

Hafen Café

A stylish café right by the Datteln-Hamm canal in the Marina Rünthe. The location’s special ambience can be enjoyed here over coffee and cake.

INFO: Hafenweg 4, Tel. +49 (0)2389/9286950,

Bistro Achterdeck

“Floating” on the water in the middle of the port we find the “Bistro Achterdeck” cocktail bar, which reveals to visitors a magnificent view right across the port facility.

INFO: Hafenweg, Tel. +49 (0) 02389/5908743,

Gate to Asia

The generously sized “Gate to Asia”, located right by the port, offers an adventurous gastronomical journey through Chinese, Indian and Mongolian cuisine.

INFO: Hafenweg 6, Tel. +49 (0)2389/9289362,

Restaurant am Yachthafen

The restaurant with a generously sized terrace right by the Datteln-Hamm canal offers a beautiful view of the yachts in the port.

INFO: Hafenweg 40-42, Tel. +49 (0)2389/6262,


Hotel/Restaurant Neumanns Nautilus - Marina Rünthe

The hotel’s guests enjoy the unique view of the Marina and the pleasant atmosphere of hotel, restaurant and surroundings. The gourmet restaurant serves sophisticated Mediterranean and regional cuisine along with excellent wines.

INFO: Hafenweg 4, Tel. +49 (0)2389/925920,


Hafenfest (first full weekend in June)

Dragon-boat racing, river jousting, children’s activities and home-made “Flying Dutchman” contest, attractive stage programme and much more – a festival for the whole family.

INFO: Hafenweg, Tel. +49 (0)2307/965-234,

Museumsfest, Stadtmuseum Bergkamen (September)

The everyday life of Roman legionaries is on show here. Roman groups from the whole of Germany recreate military and civil life from Antiquity. Market booths also demonstrate how to prepare Roman treats or make mosaics, jewellery and much more.

INFO: Jahnstr., Tel. +49 (0)2306/3060210,

Lichtermarkt/Walk Act Festival, Bergkamen (alle 2 Jahre, letzter Freitag im Oktober)

The combination of light art, walk-act festival and specialities market makes visiting this event a unique experience.

INFO: Am Stadtmarkt, Tel. +49 (0)2307/965-234,