Experience the Hellweg region as an open showroom for contemporary highlights from the light art scene.

Experience the Hellweg region as an open showroom for contemporary highlights from the light art scene.

Learn all about the creators of the installations, about the locations and the history of the project.

Current events and enlightening news

Organized guided tours and light tours to the light art works, special exhibitions and lectures on the subject of light art.

"Herbstleuchten" in the Maximilianpark in Hamm

Inauguration of the light sculpture Bright Chamber by Kazuo Katase

LIGHT LINES | LIGHT LINES (un)real | (un)real


VISIT - Artist in Residence Program of the RWE Foundation

Light tour in the Hellweg region with culinary finale in the Rohrmeisterei Schwerte on March 23, 2013.

Anchor point Linden Brewery makes "dreams of lights" come true

ExtraSchicht on Saturday, July 6, 2013

Inauguration: "Lipstadium or Frederick the Great, the Middle and the Small" by Jürgen Stollhans and "abseite" by Jan Philip Scheibe

Light Festival Bergenthalpark Soest

5th autumn light in Maxipark Hamm

The 14th Lights Market in Bergkamen

Light tour for families ...


Light tour for families 03/29/2014

URBAN LIGHTS RUHR - International artists transform the city center of Hamm into a light art parcours.

Ahlen Art Museum: Cascade - a light art work by Egill Sæbjörnsson

HELLWEG - a path of light

Light Art in Urban Spaces

Light tour for families February / March 2015

Impressions of the readers' light trip on 03.14.2015.

Light tour on April 25, 2015

#ArtPilgrimage in NRW: New itineraries through the state

Thu. 26.11. Press conference "Light Art Advent Calendar", Ahlen Art Museum

Family Light Tour on December 05, 2015, 16.30 hrs.

Light journeys in the Hellweg region

Nikola Dicke – Ewige Teufe („Eternal depth“)

Light drawings and backlit images

Light journey on 03.05.2016 with light view from the balcony of the Yellow Marker (Winding tower in Bönen).

Light tours in the Hellweg Region from August to December 2016

Summerspecial for night owls - light tour to the Hellweg region on 08.20.2016

Pre-Christmas light tour for families in the region on 12.10.2016

Lichtpromenade Lippstadt: new and renewed installations

2nd Night of Light Art on 11.25.2017

Invitation to Artist conversation / Audience discussion on 09.19.


Light art at the Wilhelm Morgner Museum enters the realization phase

3rd Night of Light Art on 11/24/2018 - Update (2)

Inauguration of light artwork "Brainwave" by Jan van Munster in Soest.

Slide change in the media sculpture "no agreement today, no agreement tomorrow" - Invitation to the public discussion with the artist Andreas M. Kaufmann on November 19 at 6 p.m. - approx. 7.30 p.m.

4th Night of Light Art on 09.28.2019

Inauguration of the light art work "reeds" by Sebastian Hempel in Lippstadt.

ON/OFF - Series of events September 2020 to February 2021

Further information on "Light Art Lippstadt".

Light trip to the neon highlights of the Hellweg region on 31.10.2020 canceled


"The Language of light" lecture by Daan Roosegaarde from 16.02.2021.


Music and performance "Light inspires!" on 02.27.2021 is cancelled!

Future with light art: Dutch artist offers tips in Bergkamen


"HELLWEG meets the Netherlands" - 5th Night of Light Art in Westphalia on 30.10.2021


6th Night of Light Art at 28.10.2023


7th Night of Light Art from 25.10.-27.10.2024 with a varied program

Tickets for the light journeys and the program booklet are available from September.

Light Art


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