Competitive Light Art

In 2003, the municipality of Fröndenberg, in partnership with Matthias Wagner K, advertised a restricted, two-stage competition bearing the title: “Lighting blue(s)”. The aim of this competition was to create an artistic light setting for the hydropower station on the Ruhr and a desired light/sound mise-en-scène between the hydropower station and the centre of Fröndenberg. 
The competition was intended to connect the indicated areas, Fröndenberg’s suburbs and centre, to form one conceptual unit. The following artists were invited to participate: Gudrun FÖRSTER, Berlin / Tilman KÜNTZEL, Berlin / Andreas OLDÖRP, Hamburg and Anja WIESE, Düsseldorf.

From the submitted designs, the convened jury unanimously picked the project proposal by Tilman Küntzel to have top priority for realisation. Moreover, the jury recommended to the municipality of Fröndenberg, likewise unanimously, that it additionally realise the design by Andreas Oldörp.