Light Promenade

With the “Lippstadt Light Promenade”, the municipality of Lippstadt, as part of the overall project HELLWEG - ein LICHTWEG, renders a long-term, artistically and conceptually extraordinary contribution that creates an unmistakeable highlight in the east of the Hellweg region.

The promenade designed by Lippstadt native Dirk Raulf – which now boasts fifteen works of light art – deals with the question of what resources human life and cohabitation have where “sources” of familiarness, home, and belonging can be found.

The path is incorporated into Lippstadt’s centre, though it also forms an individual, delimited unit, along the course of which there are places of calm, contemplation and concentration. Conceptual dichotomies such as nature – civilisation, light – darkness, tradition – modernity, town – country, safety – danger, wildness – taming, inside – outside, home – away, body – mind form the theme spectrum. Specific links to urban reality and history stand alongside abstract, more universal positions and, together, they form a broad thematic spectrum around the focal concepts of light and water.




from Thorsten Goldberg, Berlin, 2008/2009
Location: Stadttheater Lippstadt

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