Culture Tour Tips

HELLWEG – ein LICHTWEG is a modular, constantly expanding art project in the Hellweg region. Initiated in 2002, the project brings together works of light art that are already made or undergoing completion in the public space to form an identity-creating whole.

Under the overall artistic direction of Matthias Wagner K, new works of light art by nationally and internationally renowned artists are projected and realised every year in partnership with cities and municipalities of the Hellweg region, the Centre for International Light Art Unna and invited guest curators. These artworks can only be experienced in their surroundings; they do, after all, form a coexistence with them: with the life habits of the people nearby, with the historical and present-day contexts, with the urban city and landscape zones – with what has shaped these places, makes them distinctive and special.

There is plenty to see, visit and experience along this trail of light art works. Selected tips and recommendations provide guidance through the Hellweg region and permit individual cultural excursions depending on personal wishes and interests.

We hope you enjoy hours of fun and fascination.


Alte Kirche Ortsteil Bönen

The oldest listed monument in the municipality of Bönen is the mid 12th-century church tower of the Old Church on Bönen’s elevation. It was used as a defensive tower in the Middle Ages. Today's nave itself was not built until the mid-19th century, when the meanwhile derelict Early Gothic church needed to be demolished. 

INFO: Tel. +49 (0)2383/7570

“Alte Mühle” culture centre

A tower windmill, today a listed monument, was built in Bönen in 1860. Its expansion into the “Alte Mühle” culture centre took place in 1969. Today, the structure is mainly used by the adult education college. Besides the art exhibitions and cultural events that regularly take place there, the Alte Mühle has a room for civic weddings in the tower.

INFO: Tel. +49 (0)2383/913513


The bicycle service station at the “Bürger Bahnhof Bönen” offers a multi-function service centre. Bicycle safekeeping, servicing and even rental are on offer.

INFO: Am Bahnhof 2, 59199 Bönen, Tel. +49 (0)2383/1621

Bönen-Flierich centre

The dreamy centre of Bonen-Flierich has very special architectonic sights on offer. Surrounded by fields and farmsteads, the idyllic setting comprising the Old Church, the timber-framed houses around it and the winding lanes sweeps visitors back to medieval times.

INFO: Heimat- und Naturverein „Kerspel Fle-ik", Tel. +49 (0)2383/8546,

Culture in and near “Bönen winding tower - East Pole” of the former Königsborn III/IV colliery, Bönen

The winding tower, completed in 1928 and commissioned in 1929, stands as an important document of historical architectural progress in 1920s industrial construction. With its unique ambiance and generously-sized outdoor area, it (East Pole and landmark of the IBA-Emscher region with the light art object “Yellow marker” by Mischa Kuball) offers forward-looking opportunities for cross-regional cultural events of a special kind. The spectrum here ranges, among other features, from minor arts to readings and concerts.

INFO: Alfred-Fischer-Platz 1 / Zechenstr.,


The artists Fritz Winter and Wolfgang Fräger

Fritz Winter was born in the district of Altenbögge in 1905, as the first of eight children of a miner. He began an electrician’s apprenticeship at the Westfalen colliery in Ahlen in 1919 and also later worked below ground there. He was accepted into the Bauhaus in Dessau in 1927.

Wolfgang Fräger, who was born in Bergkamen in 1923, likewise as a miner’s son, lived in Bönen from 1947 until his death in 1983. He began training as a graphic designer as a 17 year-old and completed his studies in 1949. Wolfgang Fräger found his roots in Expressionism.

Bonen has streets named after each of the artists today.

A quirky fact

Visit by the British Queen

The first visit to Germany by the British queen in late May 1965 became Bönen’s surprise local historical event. Since Queen Elizabeth II intended to stay overnight on the Royal Train between her visits in the Ruhr region, her security experts found a “safe and secluded” spot on a disused section of railway to the east of Königsborn station at Bonen-Henningsen, where the queen stayed overnight on 25 May 1965. The breakfast rolls, baked to an original royal recipe, came from Königsborn.

Eating and drinking

Gasthof Haus Timmering, Bönen

This plain, cosy inn with more than 100 years of tradition has a comprehensive selection of regional dishes in its range.

Those seeking accommodation will find good-value rooms here.

INFO: Bahnhofstr. 45 Tel. +49 (0)2383/7899,

Gasthaus Middendorf im Haus Kreutz, Bönen

Within viewing range of the Bönen East Pole winding tower, the inn offers “always freshly prepared meals – for the truly sophisticated palate”. The beer garden provides an idyllic atmosphere for staying awhile in the summer months.

INFO: Kletterpoth 91, Tel. +49 (0)2383/8274

Landgasthaus Kruse – Das Fischlokal, Bönen

The maritime menu of the “fish eatery with the cosy atmosphere” features a wide selection of fresh national and international fish varieties.

INFO: Rhynernerstr. 1, Tel. +49 (0)2383/951116,

Dorfschänke Lohmann, Bönen

The Village Tavern is one of Bönen’s oldest inns (built in 1848, an inn since 1899) and, with its original historical interior that remains preserved to this day, a real insider tip. The Dorfschänke is lovingly managed by private owners and is open on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7 p.m. as well as on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Dorfschänke is also an original venue for cultural events.

INFO: Am Kirchplatz 12, Tel. +49 (0)2383/8294

Speisegaststätte Haus Höing, Bönen

The cosy Haus Höing offers an abundant menu comprising dishes from plain and international cuisine. A bowling alley, a function room for up to 200 persons and guest rooms complete the offering.

INFO: Nordbögger Str. 20, Tel. +49 (0)2383/8296,

Georg’s Piano Bar, Bönen

This venue in the pedestrian zone is fitted out in cosy pub style and aims to offer an alternative to the rather plain inn scene in Bönen. A small beer garden is an inviting place for staying awhile in good weather.

INFO: Bahnhofstr. 98, Tel. +49 (0)2383/2466,

Gaststätte Dörnemann, Bönen-Nordbögge

The Dörnemann inn in the district of Nordbögge has a long tradition behind it: it was established in 1848. The inn offers local cuisine featuring regional products in cosy rooms of various sizes.

INFO: Bönener Str. 5, Tel. +49 (0)2383/8276,

Haus Böinghoff, Bönen-Flierich

The guest rooms and the rustic beer garden looking onto the “Old Bakehouse”, where not only a collection on the village’s history, but also a register office can be found, ensure a cosy atmosphere where the plain cuisine can be savoured. The establishment additionally attracts diners with various seasonal promotions.

INFO: Kamener Str. 49, Tel. +49 (0)2383/2582,


Bönen Christmas Market (Advent)

On around the second Sunday of Advent, Bönener Interessengemeinschaft e.V. (BIG) invites visitors to the Christmas Market in Bönen’s pedestrian zone. Locally organised and lovingly designed Advent markets also take place in the districts of Flierich (Saturday before 1st Advent) and Nordbögge.

Bönener klein.kunst.stücke (Autumn)

Minor arts, comedy, musical cabaret and further genres are staged every year in autumn at the Bönen East Pole winding tower, at the Alte Mühle culture centre or in the assembly hall of the Goethe school.

Bönener Kultur-Open-Air Festival (end of August / beginning September)

With the lake as its backdrop or on Altenbögge market square, this annual openair event offers an alternating cultural entertainment programme.

Bönener SonntagsMusik (Spring)

This series of events presents music-lovers with a mixed repertoire,of jazz through classical to tango and Irish folk music.

Bönen New Year’s Concert (1st Saturday in January)

The municipality of Bönen sees in the New Year with a festive philharmonic concert by renowned orchestras in the assembly hall of the Marie-Curie-Gymnasium every year.