Culture Tour Tips

HELLWEG – ein LICHTWEG is a modular, constantly expanding art project in the Hellweg region. Initiated in 2002, the project brings together works of light art that are already made or undergoing completion in the public space to form an identity-creating whole.

Under the overall artistic direction of Matthias Wagner K, new works of light art by nationally and internationally renowned artists are projected and realised every year in partnership with cities and municipalities of the Hellweg region, the Centre for International Light Art Unna and invited guest curators. These artworks can only be experienced in their surroundings; they do, after all, form a coexistence with them: with the life habits of the people nearby, with the historical and present-day contexts, with the urban city and landscape zones – with what has shaped these places, makes them distinctive and special.

There is plenty to see, visit and experience along this trail of light art works. Selected tips and recommendations provide guidance through the Hellweg region and permit individual cultural excursions depending on personal wishes and interests.

We wish you hours of fun and fascination.

Lichtkunst-Kunstreisen Soest


Historical Old Town Walking Tour

There are many things worth seeing and discovering in Soest: outstanding monuments built of green sandstone, a largely preserved medieval town wall, romantic lanes, picture-perfect rows of timberframed houses and a historically significant past. 40 panels comprising text and images, along with map extracts with location information, help visitors to find their way from place to place. Guided tour on Saturdays, 2:30 p.m.; (from April to October also Sundays, 11:30 a.m.)

INFO: or Tel. +49 (0)2921/66350050


TIP: At visitors will find an overview of the sculptures currently standing in Soest, the artists’ names, location, work titles, plus explanatory notes on the pieces.

St. Maria zur Wiese

One of Germany’s most beautiful late Gothic hall churches, dating from 1313. The “Westphalian Last Supper” is a particularly fascinating curiosity. It depicts Jesus partaking of the Last Supper with his disciples – however, ham, beer and pumpernickel bread can be seen on the table. (Winter, 11 a.m.– 4 p.m., Summer 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sundays from 12 noon)

INFO: Wiesenstr. 28, Tel. +49 (0)2921/13251,

St. Maria zur Höhe

This church was built around 1220 and contains splendid ceiling and wall paintings. It is also home to Germany’s only flabellum cross. (April–Sept. 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Oct.–March 10 a.m.–4 p.m., Sundays from 12 noon)

INFO: Am Hohnekirchhof 2, Tel. +49 (0)2921/2253,

St. Patrokli

This romantic building was erected after 965 as a collegiate church. Especially worth seeing is the apse painting in the St Mary Chancel (circa 1200). The west front is also called “Westphalia’s Tower”. This is also the location of the Cathedral Museum with the significant Tree of Jesse Window. (10 a.m.–5:30 p.m.)

INFO: Rathausstr. 11, Tel. +49 (0)2921/6710660,

“Alter Schlachthof” culture centre

The “Alter Schlachthof” culture centre is one of the region’s largest culture providers. It is comprised of four individual buildings, which are partly connected by a roof. The complex is located on the edge of the Old Town and extends across a total of 8,000 square metres. Around 200 live events take place here every year. Besides refreshments, the adjoining restaurant offers fresh Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. There is a pub music night every Wednesday – in the beer garden when the weather is good.

INFO: Kulturhaus „Alter Schlachthof" e.V., Ulrichertor 4, 59494 Soest, Tel.: +49 (0)2921/31101,,

Kunstmuseum Wilhelm-Morgner-Haus

60 paintings and more than 400 drawings from the Soest-born Expressionist Wilhelm Morgner (1881-1917) form the center of this city-owned art collection. The Conceptual Art Foundation with the Schroth Collection permanently exhibits works from the collection of international post-war art along with complementary loans in the SCHROTH ROOM.

INFO: Thomästr. 1, Tel. +49 (0)2921/13524,


The Osthofentor is the sole preserved gate of originally ten gates in the medieval town enclosure. It was built in the years 1523-1526 and accommodates the remnants of the town’s Armoury, notably the impressive munitions reserve of around 25,000 crossbow arrows from the 14th to 16th century. There are also panels explaining how the town’s defence was organised. (April–Sept. Thurs.–Sat. 2 p.m.–4 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.–1 p.m., 3 p.m.–5 p.m., Oct.–March Weds. 2 p.m.–4 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.–1 p.m.)

INFO: Osthofenstr. 72, Tel. +49 (0)2921/16015,


The Burghofmuseum – housed in a former patrician’s house (1559) – displays exhibits on art and urban history as well as a permanent exhibition featuring copperplate engravings by Heinrich Aldegrever. Behind the museum we find the Romanesque House, one of the oldest residences between the rivers Rhine and Weser from the period circa 1200. (Tues.–Sat. 10 a.m.–12 noon, 3 p.m.– 5 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.– 1 p.m.)

INFO: Burghofstraße 22, 59494 Soest, Tel.: +49 (0)2921/3450324,

Eating and drinking

Brauhaus Zwiebel

Visitors to this historical establishment can expect a special treat: Beer is brewed in-house here. A brewery tour is possible on prior arrangement.

INFO: Ulricherstr. 24, Tel. +49 (0)2921/4424,

Brauerei Christ

Soest’s biggest beer garden can be found in the middle of the Old Town. In one of the town’s oldest inns, which features a historical malt lift, seasonal, varied and innovative cuisine can be enjoyed all day.

INFO: Walburgerstr. 36, Tel. +49 (0)2921/15515,

Im Osterkamp

The Osterkamp offers hearty Westphalian cuisine in the heart of Soest. The quaint beer garden is an inviting place for staying awhile when the weather is fine.

Im Osterkamp, Walburgerstraße 10, 59494 Soest, Tel.: 02921/15402,

Restaurant „Am Kattenturm“

Located right next to the town hall, the restaurant offers a wonderful view of the ramparts with the Katten Tower. Regional and international cuisine is served. 

Im Kattenturm, Dasselwall 1, 59494 Soest, Tel.: 02921/363350,

Ratskeller St. Georg

The cosy, stylishly furnished vaulted cellar is an inviting setting for sampling old-fashioned, traditional dishes. Besides mashed potatoes with apple purée, onions and bacon bits; pork belly, blood sausage and liver sausage; schnitzel; steak and meat loaf – all from the in-house butcher’s – there are, naturally, also special offers for vegetarians and “young diners”.

Ratskeller St. Georg, Rathausstraße 1, 59494 Soest, Tel.: 02921/3450190,

Restaurant „Der Mönchshof“

In the house where the famous painter Otto Modersohn was born, Balkan specialities and Argentinian steaks can be enjoyed. The historical house is located in the pedestrian area very near to the railway station.

Der Mönchshof, Brüderstraße 47, 59494 Soest, Tel.: 02921/13883, www.dermö

“Zur Steinkiste” forest restaurant

Game and fish specialities, among others, can be savoured in this idyllically located restaurant in the forest. All these are complemented by an extraordinary range of wines and digestifs.

Waldrestaurant „Zur Steinkiste", Körbecker Weg 8, 59494 Soest-Hiddingsen, Tel.: 02921/73444,

Hotel-Restaurant Pilgrimhaus

In the oldest inn in Westphalia (since 1304) you dine in a medieval ambience surrounded by metre-thick quarry stone walls and antique furnishings that have been brought together for generations. Regional Westphalian cuisine and gastronomic cabaret are offered. And if you want to stay the night, you will also find comfortable hotel rooms here.

INFO: Jakobistr. 75, Tel. +49 (0)2921/1828,

Altstadt Café

The Altstadt Café has been a meeting-place for people of all ages for more than 25 years. The trendy pub’s balanced menu has something at the ready for every taste. In addition, Wilhelm Morgner was born in this house in 1891.

Altstadt Café, Rosenstraße 4, 59494 Soest, Tel.: 02921/14754

Café am Dom

Situated on the historical Vreithof, behind the Town Hall, this little café offers exquisite home-made tarts and cakes and is particularly to be recommended in good weather, with its outdoor seating amid medieval surroundings. Daily from 9 a.m.–6 p.m.; closed Mondays.

INFO: Am Vreithof 2, Tel. +49 (0)2921/9815244


Hotel-Restaurant Im Wilden Mann

This traditional establishment in the town’s characteristic timberframed style is located right in the heart of Soest Old Town. When the weather is good, meals and drinks can be enjoyed in the large beer garden right on Soest’s Market Square.

INFO: Markt 11, Tel. +49 (0)2921/15071,

Hotel-Restaurant Pilgrimhaus

In Westphalia’s oldest inn (since 1304), dine in the medieval ambience surrounded by metre-thick quarry stone walls and antique furnishings that have been collected for generations. Regional Westphalian cuisine and small works of gastronomic art are on offer. Those seeking an overnight stay will also find comfortable hotel rooms here.

INFO: Jakobistr. 75, Tel. +49 (0)2921/1828,

Hotel Gellermann

The rooms, renovated in 2010, are modern and lovingly and individually furnished. Both business travellers and families or groups will find comfortable accommodation in this hotel.

Hotel Gellermann, Konrad-Stecke Weg 8, 59494 Soest, Tel.: 02921/590119-0,

Hotel Stadt Soest

Hotel Stadt Soest dates all the way back to 1911. It is located at the entrance to the pedestrian area, just two minutes’ walk away from the railway station.

Hotel Stadt Soest, Brüderstraße 50, 59494 Soest, Tel.: 02921/1811,


Soester Fehde (every two years in August)

... an entire town revels in a real-life medieval adventure – more than 1000 costumed actors, amateur dramatists and extras participate in the festival production, storming the town, in concerts, talks, in the encampment, with medieval market and much more – the basis is the Soest Feud between 1444 and 1449.

INFO: Tel. +49 (0)2921/66350050,

Allerheiligenkirmes (annually from the first Wednesday after All Saints’ until Sunday)

Europe’s biggest Old Town fun fair – the undisputed highlight of the Soest Year – a tradition more than 600 years old – more than one million visitors annually – ultra-modern rides against the medieval backdrop of Soest’s Old Town across an area of 50,000 square metres.

INFO: Tel. +49 (0)2921/66350050,