"Yellow marker", 2000, Mischa Kuball
"Yellow marker", 2000, Mischa Kuball
"Yellow marker", 2000, Mischa Kuball - Photo: © Werner J. Hannappel

Mischa Kuball

"Yellow marker", 2000

Name Artist: Mischa Kuball, *1959 in Düsseldorf
Title: "Yellow marker", 2000
Location: Winding tower of the decommissioned Königsborn III/IV colliery

The artistic work of Düsseldorf-based Mischa Kuball captivates with its quick-witted, varying use of light, consistently adapted to location. With his project “Yellow marker” – two sets each of yellow-lit lines of LEDs, mounted vertically and on the sides, front and back – Mischa Kuball topographically defines the colliery winding towers located 80 km apart as lighthouses, as western and eastern pole of the Route der Landmarken-Kunst.

Imaginary vertical and horizontal axes form the mental figure of the two illuminated poles.