„Hammer Fenster / ante portas”, 2007 Location: Schulwegsteg - Photo: © Kirsten and Peter Kaiser

Kirsten und Peter Kaiser

”Hammer Fenster / ante portas", 2007

Name Artist: Kirsten und Peter Kaiser
K.K. *1961 in Hamm
P.K. *1960 in Neheim Hüsten
Title: ”Hammer Fenster / ante portas", 2007
Location: Schulwegsteg

With their work, the Kaisers cast an “exact light” on the canal crossing on Im Fuchswinkel street, without impairing the monument protection of the footbridge built between 1915 and 1917. The structure is not under constant illumination, but lights up via motion detectors when people move across it. Two elements define the artistic intervention at the same time:

LED lamps, hung like curtains between the supporting pillars in the top two elements, are designed to awaken the impression of windows, and blue lines of light trace the archways beneath.