“Weg der Schiffer", 2007 Location: Kanu-Leistungszentrum - Photo: © Offermann/VG BILD-KUNST Bonn, 2007


“Weg der Schiffer", 2007

Name Artist: Offermann, *1946 in Düsseldorf
Title: “Weg der Schiffer", 2007
Location: Kanu-Leistungszentrum

Seven classic street lamps - standard “mushroom luminaire” model - are installed at the customary intervals along a path by the Lippe. Depending on where one is coming from, the lamps shine red with a white aura or vice-versa. The first lamp one gets to unexpectedly switches itself off, and back on again after a few seconds. That is something the stroller has to endure for all seven lamps. He never reaches the light of a street lamp. On the contrary, it constantly “runs after” him. If several passers-by are around, the row of lights may vanish entirely – the path stays dark. The light sculpture is therefore never revealed as a whole, but is only perceivable as one unit from a distance.