abseite, Jan Philip Scheibe, 2009/13 - Photo: © Jan Philip Scheibe

Jan Philip Scheibe

abseite, 2009/13

Name Artist: Jan Philip Scheibe,
Title: abseite, 2009/13
Location: Marineverein

Jan Philip Scheibe's "abseite" refers to peripheries, to outsiders and outsides, to remote, forgotten, proscribed places and existences. The identification with Travellers, with fairground people, artists, fools of all varieties refers also to the originary position of art. “The fluorescent text flashes and changes colours like the writing on carousels in fairgrounds. Above it, three stars gleam, in order to underline the esoteric exclusivity of the place,” wrote the artist, when "abseite" was installed in Cologne's sculpture Park in 2009. The installation was acquired permanently for the Light Promenade in 2013.