Photo: © Richard A. Cox
Photo: © Sabine Schirdewahn
Photo: © Sabine Schirdewahn
Photo: © Sabine Schirdewahn
Photo: © Axel Bühler

Richard A. Cox

”Arc of Light”, 2010/2011

Name Artist: Richard A. Cox, *1950 in Holmfirth/Nordengland
Title: ”Arc of Light”, 2010/2011
Location: Wallanlage Beamtenlaufbahn

The Arc of Light is situated on a junction in the Gräfte, a breach in the historical wall that encompasses the Old Town of Soest: Entrance and exit, a threshold situation in the form of a connecting portal between Old Town and New Settlement. As a modern gate, the gleaming Arc of Light represents a connection and a transition from Old to New. LED lamps are installed in the ground. A motion detector lights up the Arc as soon as a passer-by walks there. During daylight hours, sky, sun and clouds are mirrored in the reflective surface.