LIGHT PHENOMENA 2022 by Giny Vos - Photo Frank Vinken © Zentrum für Internationale Lichtkunst

Giny Vos


Name Artist: Giny Vos, Amsterdam
Title: „LIGHT PHENOMENA“, 2022
Location: Lindenplatz, Unna

Light is the most important material and research object of Dutch Media artist Giny Vos, who has created numerous large-format light installations in, Amsterdam, New Delhi and New York City, among others. The work Light Phenomena was realized in November 2022 on the square in front of the Centre for International Light Art in Unna. A large glass cube shows various processes that occur under the influence of light and that are essential for life on earth. By increasing, accelerating or slowing down these processes that are displayed inside the cube in the form of 3D animations, the constantly present power of light is made visible. The cube measures 2.30 × 2.30 × 2.30 m and counts 1600 LED modules inside, each of which consists of 36 LEDs, adding up to a total of 57,600 LEDs that light up in many variations.