Photo: Kunstmuseum Ahlen
Photo: Kunstmuseum Ahlen
Photo: Kunstmuseum Ahlen

Adam Barker-Mill

"Colour Cube", 2019

Name Artist: Adam Barker-Mill
*1940 in Wookey Hole
Title: "Colour Cube", 2019
Location: Museumsplatz, Ahlen

The Colour Cube by Adam Barker-Mill stands on the edge of Museumplatz, facing the street and the footpath that runs alongside. Sitting inside a 4 tons heavy concrete casing, facing outwards, is a white, glass-delimited cube, with a square cut-out in the middle of it. This is filled with an 8-minute slow-motion sequence featuring alternating coloured light, while the space surrounding it is lit up with a different colour again. The interaction between the colours and the shadings in the space generates further hues. Square light spaces, floating into one another, are generated, seemingly totally detached from material boundaries.