Netzkarte (BSP) / 2009 - Photo © Frank Vinken
Netzkarte (BSP) / 2009 - Photo © Frank Vinken
Netzkarte (BSP) / 2009 - Photo © Stefan Milk

Rochus Aust

"Netzkarte (BSP)", 2009

Name Artist: Rochus Aust, *1968 in Recklinghausen
Title: "Netzkarte (BSP)", 2009
Location: Platz von Gennevilliers / Präsidentenstraße

The building of “subport bergkamen (BSP)” in the pedestrian area in 2005 marked the town’s significant shift closer to the wide world: Rome, Berlin, Tokyo are now just stones’ throws away.

Now, “Netzkarte (BSP)” displays the light-projected national and international centres around Bergkamen, grouped according to temporal components. The accustomed geography becomes a gleaming tempography, which brings distant places closer and squeezes the familiar onto the periphery: choice of means of transport being the decisive factor (after an idea by Heinz Friedl).