„PulsLicht", 2007, Mischa Kuball - © Mischa Kuball
„PulsLicht", 2007, Mischa Kuball - © Sebastian Freitag

Mischa Kuball

"PulsLicht", 2007

Name Artist: Mischa Kuball, *1959 in Düsseldorf
Title: "PulsLicht", 2007
Location: Marina Rünthe

Eight-metre-high lamps form the basic elements of this artistic intervention at the Marina Rünthe port. The lamps, specially developed for this work, are equipped with two luminant characteristics: beams directed towards the ground, taking on the path illumination – and one horizontally, one upwardly beaming, pulsed light that gives rise to different light patterns via a control panel. Thus, via the pure functional illumination, a work of light art is created that unfolds its effect at different intervals and for a limited time only.