Europa by Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag (c) Manfred Boblitz


EUROPA, 2021

Name Artist: JAN-PETER E. R. SONNTAG, Berlin
Title: EUROPA, 2021
Location: Europaplatz, next to the city hall of Lünen

Lünen makes Europe sparkle. This is primarily thanks to the Berlin artist Jan-Peter E. R. Sonntag and his laboratory N-solab. The number 12 plays a major role in the content and form of the galvanized steel structure with its sophisticated lighting system. It is a historical symbol for perfection and identical with the number of stars on the European flag. The 12 lights, controlled by chance, flash in the twelve-angled "loop" that rises to 8 meters. The built-in light systems are technically autonomous - like the 27 European countries - and independent of electricity. In the polygonally bent open ring, LED lights are charged by the sunlight; it is emitted at irregular intervals that never repeat in their rhythm. This creates the "star sparkle" in the ring coated with blue micaceous iron ore. Anyone who takes a selfie under this "sky over Lünen" can take home a meaningful memory from Europaplatz.