Photo: © Sabine Schirdewahn
Photo: © Sabine Schirdewahn

Martin Pfeiffle

“radial”, 2017

Name Artist: Martin Pfeiffle,
Title: “radial”, 2017
Location: Platz an der Lange Straße 90

The galvanised steel stelae of the work “radial” are of different inclines and lengths. Stainless steel lines of LED lights are flush-mounted on their fronts. The individual elements of “radial” are so aligned as to form a common point of intersection in the middle of the road. The poles’ different inclines generate dynamism and represent diversity.

“radial” takes up the idea of a modern town gate. “radial” poses the question of “coming” and “going”, of different paths and opportunities. Since the work rises up 4.5 m to 5.5 m on the one side of the road and, on the other side, is recessed in the ground, a dynamic movement is generated that is not streamlined with the road but suggests the complexity of movement. “radial” therefore consciously refers to Lünen’s geographical specificity of being Münster and Ruhr region at once.
”radial” does not illuminate the road, but is a sculpture whose presence suggests the function of a town gate: this is a particular place, I am entering or leaving a town. I am coming back or going away. It is a moment when something changes, never is the moment the same. “radial” therefore appears to visitors in a different light when they travel the Lange Straße into or out of town.